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  • Does that cost me anything?
    Yes. Time, money and useless neuron networks that have to be reorganized in the course of new forms of work. Keyword: brain plasticity.
  • ...but so, specifically, what can Portella do?
    Blabbering about results achieved for way too long. He can also show them. However, future results cannot be promised based on past successes.
  • What is a decision maker?
    A person who can get advice. A person who acts collectively. A person who makes mistakes and tries to minimize them.
  • What is a stakeholder?
    The o. those who have something to lose in cooperation with you. If you work reasonably enough, you achieve the goals, a stakeholder loses nothing - on the contrary, he/she, as well as you, win this together.
  • ...u. how could you even work with Portella?
    Portella can do a lot. Be creative and ask him if he can support you in your next/current venture.
  • Why does the site even exist?
    This website serves as a central digital space to both store and showcase Portella's corporate affairs, events, results and products - it may even make sense to collaborate on future projects.
  • Why the sometimes complicated technical language, but on the other hand mega stupid language?
    This is an open question.There are areas in the world of work where you are unfortunately only taken seriously by using technical language.For all other areas, a language that is accessible and challenging at the same time for as many people as possible is recommended.This question is an open question because the balance between being taken seriously and presenting accessible knowledge can only be determined on a case-by-case basis or individually.
  • What is all this property about?
    A repository and page with contact options at the same time. More irrelevant (but possibly entertaining) details here:
  • Topic of legal and financial security: How does the billing work?
    If your project is to be realized in the European Union, the billing is carried out according to §19 of the small business regulation in Germany.If your project is to run in Latin or North America, you can decide whether you would rather have the billing run from our legal partner and consulting company from Brazil called Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Profissional Recife or via the above-mentioned option via Germany or the European Union .The main thing: NuDemand manages all contracts and associated processes in a transparent and understandable way according to the latest legislation on both continents, so that you have more time for your priorities.We are responsible for, log, digitize and transform any work process in a robust, secure and with built-in redundancy, so that your focus can realize your potential without fear of distraction.
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